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A Tracking Number is the phone number that your customers or potential customers will call. Before you can use our system, you need to purchase at least one tracking number. You can purchase local, toll-free, and international numbers from over 60 countries.  If you already have numbers that are with another provider, you can port the numbers to CallTrackingMetrics.

Note: There are no refunds given for tracking numbers purchased accidentally or no prorated refunds for tracking numbers released during the 30-day period.

Each tracking number has 3 critical pieces of information that you will be asked for when you purchase your tracking numbers:

  • The Voice Routing: this is how the call will route. If using a Receiving Number, this will be the destination number that will ring when someone calls the tracking number.  This can be an office number, a cell phone number, a desk phone number, etc.
  • The Tracking Source: the advertising channel you are tracking with this number.
  • The Target Number: this field will be available if you choose an online Tracking Source. The Target Number is the number that is hard-coded on your website you are going to have our tracking code dynamically replaced with a tracking number.

Visit our Buy Tracking Numbers help article for additional information on purchasing and configuring Tracking Numbers.

To find the purchase date of a Tracking Number, you can do one of the following:

  • Navigate to Numbers > Tracking Numbers and hover over the renewal date in the Renewal Date column.
    • Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 2.42.53 PM.png
  • From the Tracking Numbers page, click the Export button. This will email you a CSV file of all of your Tracking Numbers, which will have a Purchase Date column where you can see the purchase date for all of your numbers. 

Tracking Number Configuration Page:

  • General
    • Add a description.
    • Release Tracking Number.
  • Call Routing
    • Choose how to route your calls. 
  • Text Routing
    • Toggle on Text Messaging Enabled to show the rest of this section.
    • Choose how to route your texts.
  • Tracking Source
    • Select your Tracking Source.
  • Target Numbers
    • Select your Target Number.
  • Scheduled Routing
    • Select a schedule you have created.
  • Custom Fields
    • See and edit the Custom Fields you have created to save to Tracking Numbers.
  • Tags
    • Add tags you want on all activities for this number.
  • Call Settings
    • If not using the default call setting, select a call setting to apply to this number.
  • Fail-safe Number
    • A fail-safe receiving number is used when no receiving number schedules are active or as a backup number for disaster recovery.
  • Google Analytics
    • Provide default values for Google Analytics events. The default selection of attribution will be ordered by the presence of session data, tracking number dialed, tracking source assigned, and finally, be defaulted to direct/none.
  • Agent Script
    • Choose an agent script you have created. 
  • Campaign Expiration
    • Receive a notification when it’s time to stop using a specific tracking number.
  • Address
    • Select an address associated with the Tracking Number.



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