Agent Routing

Agent Routing in a Call Queue

If you have not set up your Call Queue yet, start here

Agent Routing - Choose how to select an agent for the caller

Allow Transfers - Toggle this flag On or Off - If you’d like to allow other agents to transfer phone calls to this queue

Schedule - This allows you to only route to this queue when within this schedule.  To learn more about setting up a schedule can be found here



Click here to watch the Schedules video tutorial. 

Distribute to Agents - Choose how you would like to distribute calls 

  • Simultaneously - Call each agent at the same time or in groups based on the weighting provided 
  • Round Robin - Rotate between each agent evenly and sequentially dial each agent 
  • Longest Wait - Rotate between each agent based on the same time the agent has been waiting for a call


Routing for Repeat Callers 

  • Any Agent - Do not use special behaviors for repeat callerss
  • Same Agent First - Route to the same agent as last time first, if available; otherwise route to other agents
  • Same Agent Only - Route to the same agent as last time and if not available route to no answer (Also known as *Sticky Agent
  • New Agent - Always route to new agent or if none are found, use No Answer routing 


*Note: Agent stickiness is valid for 30 days and extended anytime that agent is assigned to the contact. Stickiness is global to the account, but is only applied in queues that have the value set. In general, the same agent is the best option since it'll prioritize the call routing to the same agent, but still allow other agents to answer if that agent is NOT available. Additionally, assigning an agent automatically sets the stickiness value for that agent to the contact on any activity e.g. Calls, Texts and Forms.

Other Optional Features 

  • Seconds per Agent (Default is set to 18 second) This feature allows you to determine how much time to give to each agent before trying to call the next available agent
  • Keep ringing agents until answered - Toggle On and Off for not stopping to ring the current agents while ringing more agents (Default is set to On)
  • Global limit-based routing - Toggle On and Off used when considering the usage limits for agents global to the account when deciding whether to route a call to the given agent (Default is set to Off)
  • First in First out - Toggle On or Off first in first out routing which is used when answering incoming calls, always pop the oldest call first out of the queue (Default is set to On)
  • Auto Assign Single Agent - Select On of Off when a queue only dials one agent (e.g. round robin queue), always assign the single-dialed agent (Default is set to On)
  • Edit Agent Routing rules: More information can be found here
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