Advanced Call Recordings (Recording Toggles)


To protect the privacy of your agents and customers, you may wish to record only parts of a call or to control whether a call is recorded based on the keypress options the caller chooses in a menu.  While call recording is typically either on or off for a tracking number, these options will allow you to control recordings during live calls.

For more information about recordings and account security, see the following articles:

Toggling Recordings

The Team Settings feature allows you to display a red light icon to agents on their softphones when a call is being recorded.  You can also choose to allow agents to click on the icon to toggle call recordings while the call is in progress.

To enable the indicator and allow toggling:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Team Settings and click edit next to the team you wish to update.
    • If you do not already have a team created in your account, follow the instructions here to create one.
  2. Click or scroll down to the Phone Buttons section.
  3. Click on Advanced Interface Options to expand the section.
    • Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 2.15.42 PM.png
  4. Find the checkbox labeled “Show Recording Status” and click the box.  This will enable the red light indicator in the softphone to show that a call is being recorded.
  5. If you wish to allow the agents in this team to toggle recordings during calls, check the box labeled “Allow Agent to Toggle Recording Status.”
  6. Click Save Changes.


Once the indicator has been enabled, all agents assigned to this team will see a red light in the toolbar of their softphone when a call is being recorded.  If the call is not being recorded, the indicator will be grey.


Stripe Integration

If you are using the Stripe integration to process credit card payments from your call log, call recordings are automatically disabled as long as the payment window is open.  The recording will resume as soon as the window has been closed.

For more information, see “Accepting Payments from the Call Log” in the full article here

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