Exporting the Activity Log

Activity log data can be exported via email (as .csv or .xls) or via FTP/SFTP.  Exports can be filtered by date range, tracking number, tracking source, duration.  Select the fields which fields be included for the exported file.

Exporting Calls

  1. From the activity log, select export in the top of the page. activity_log_1.png
    • If you wish to export all activities from this account with no filters or date ranges applied, scroll to Run Export.
  2. Select your export method from the drop-down menu and confirm any required information (e.g., your email address for delivery or the server details for FTP/SFTP).
  3. If you wish to refine your export by a particular search term, enter your search term.
  4. Use Filters to apply your desired date range, tracking numbers, tags, call duration, and more.  If you have any saved filters, you can apply them on this page.
    TIP: If you have access to multiple sub-accounts within an agency, select Export for all sub-accounts to export activity data for all of them at once.
  5. In the Formatting section, select your desired phone number and timestamp format.
  6. The default file type for export is CSV.  Use the Export format drop-down to change this as needed.
  7. The Fields section displays which fields will be included in your export. By default, all fields are included (shown in the list on the right in this section). Click on field names to remove or include them.
  8. If you wish to use these settings the next time you export call data, check the box labeled Remember export options.
  9. Run Export.  If a large amount of data is searched, allow a few minutes for the report to be generated.

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