Fail-safe Number

We strongly recommend adding a Fail-safe number for each of your Tracking Numbers. This is the backup receiving number where calls will go if CallTrackingMetrics is down and cannot follow advanced routing options.

Fail-safe numbers are set up at the Tracking Number level. To configure, go to Numbers > Tracking Numbers.  Click “edit” next to the Tracking Number where you wish to add a Fail-safe number. Go to the Fail-safe Number area of the editing page. Once you enter your Fail-safe number, you can choose to also save your Fail-safe number to multiple tracking numbers so you don’t have to do them one by one.


When designating a Fail-safe number consider the following parameters: 

  • Your Fail-safe numbers should not be a CTM numbers. 
  • While you may use the same Fail-safe Number for multiple Tracking Numbers, you will need to add that information to each individual Tracking Number on your account. 
  • If you are a high-volume customer, we recommend you have several Fail-safe numbers used across your Tracking Numbers to handle the call volume. 
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