How Does Dynamic Number Insertion Work?

Dynamic Number Insertion refers to the process where our tracking code dynamically displays a tracking number to your website visitors based on the advertising source of the visit.  A Google Adwords visitor will see your Google Adwords tracking number, etc.  Dynamic Number Insertion can also refer to our GeoContact technology that dynamically displays a tracking number to website visitors based on the advertising source of the visit AND their geographic location.



Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) refers to technology used in call tracking to assign attribution to inbound phone calls. With DNI, a specific phone number dynamically displays on a web page according to the source of the visit to that page. This allows for phone calls from that specific visit to be attributed back to the proper source.


Follow these steps to set up DNI:

  1. Install the Tracking Code on your website. 
  2. Purchase and set up Tracking Numbers in your CTM account for each of the online advertising Tracking Sources.
  3. Create Target Numbers for your online sources.  
  4. Finally, if you want to enable GeoContact geographic-based number insertion, be sure to purchase Tracking Numbers for each country/area code you are expecting visitors from and enable GeoContact on your Tracking Source.

The next step would be to test that the dynamic number insertion is working on your website

Once you’ve confirmed that your visitors are seeing your tracking number, then you can track their visits in real-time using your realtime report.

As calls come in, you will see the website visitor information for each call listed in the source detail column of your activity log.

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