Releasing a Number

If you no longer would like to own a tracking number you will simply release it, go to Numbers > Tracking Numbers.

From there you will click on Edit next to the number you wish to release

Then, in the lower right hand corner of the Tracking Number Set Up screen click the Release Tracking Number button


After you click the Release Tracking Number button,  it will take you to a screen asking if you are SURE you want to release this number.

By releasing it it means you no longer wish to pay for that number and you wish to release it back to our stock into a cleaning process. Typically,  if a number has been released for more than two weeks we can not guarantee we can get the number back for you,  but we will be happy to try.


What to expect after Releasing a Tracking Number:

  1. The call history will remain in your account.
  2. The call data will remain in your account. 
  3. The released Tracking Number will no longer be selectable in the Call Log or Report filters. 
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