Number Pools

Number Pools provide a fast and efficient way to obtain and set up multiple tracking numbers for your website. With our number pool feature, you can purchase the ideal quantity of numbers to ensure the most accurate tracking of your website visitors.

Accuracy, in this context, refers to the likelihood that the individual making a phone call is the same person who previously clicked on your website. 

We will calculate your tracking accuracy as soon as you input your daily visitor count in the Tracking section. After you enter your daily visitor count, we'll advise you on the optimal number of tracking numbers for your pool. You can then easily configure your call routing and target number. Once set up, you'll be ready to implement our tracking code on your website.

To get to Number Pools, navigate to Numbers > Buy Numbers and click the second tab on the page.


Or navigate to Numbers > Dynamic Numbers  >Number Pools to view existing number pools or create a new one.

How to configure number pools:

  1. Enter the name of your number pool.
  2. Add a description, this is useful if you have multiple numbers pools.
  3. If you would like to choose from a list of our preset tracking sources, enable the toggle for using a custom tracking source. Otherwise, select which type of visitors you are interested in tracking. All Visitors - is the tracking of paid and organic tracking, PPC Visitors - is the tracking of only paid traffic to your site.


Note: The tracking source for PPC Visitors is conditioned to track the following by default,

(?=.*utm_source=ppc)(?=.*utm_medium=cpc).*|msclkid=.+|gclid=.+|wbraid=.+|gbraid=.+|FBCLID=.+|TTCLID=.+|li_fat_id=.+  by default. This can be edited by clicking the Edit button next to the tracking source once the number pool has been completely set up.

  1. In the Estimated Visitor Count section, enter the amount of traffic to your website daily for the type of traffic or tracking source you have selected.
  2. When “Enable automatic number pool management” is ON (default), we will purchase the pool size needed to give you 99% accuracy. This is based on the Estimated Visitor Count entered in the previous section. If you decide that 99% accuracy is not your desired score, you will be able to use the slider to view how many numbers your pool will have with different accuracy scores.

Note: Accuracy, in this context, refers to the likelihood that the individual making a phone call is the same person who previously clicked on your website. Once call tracking has begun, you can see your likelihood score for each call in your call activity log. 

  1. When “Enable automatic number pool management” is OFF, you can simply enter the number you would like in your pool, and we will calculate the accuracy score from that input.
  2. Select the country you want your number used for. (US ONLY at this time)
  3. Select what type of number you will be using.
  4. Select the desired area code for your number pool.
  5. Add the Target Number, which is the number that is currently on your website.
  6. Select how you would like your calls to be routed from the drop-down menu.
  7. Click the Submit and Purchase button to purchase and configure the tracking numbers in your pool. Then place our Tracking Code on your site to begin tracking your calls.

If you need to change your tracking source, call routing, target number, or purchase additional numbers, click Edit to the left of your number pool, make the needed changes, and click Save Changes to the sections that have been altered.


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