After Hours Message for Callers

After Hours Message for Callers

If you would like to play a different message to your callers when they call your office after your business closes, you would go through the following steps.

  1. Create a schedule for after hours
    • Set After Hours schedule
    • Set what to do after hours (hours that the voice menu is not running)
    • Set keypress  to be default menu item 
    • Set your action
    • Set the tracking numbers
  2. Create a voice menu.
    • Name the voice menu to something you will understand like "After hours voice menu"
  3. When you go to the Input Controls section of the page you can select 
      1. Speech Recognitions which allows you to transcribe speech from a caller after the caller is done enter digits or speakings  (Additional charges apply)
      2. Stop playing messages on user input allows you to stop the play message when the caller presses makes a key press
      3. Maximum user inputs (Keypad digits) is the maximum number of digits pressed per menu item. 
      4. You can change input handling to the following  1 - maximum keypress 1 seconds to wait for caller input 0 times to re-prompt the caller before giving up.
      5. Provide an error message of there is an invalid entry
      6. Determine how may times we should we re-prompt the caller before giving up
      7. Set the action after for the caller after giving up
        1. Hang up
        2. Route to a menu item
        3. Dial Number 


If you would like to play a message to callers that asks them to leave messages in your CallTrackingMetrics system, then refer to this article on setting up voicemail.

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