Post Call Customer Surveys

CallTrackingMetrics makes it easy to configure surveys using its Voice Menu technology.  There are two ways callers can be presented with a post call survey:

    • Your call queue automatically routes callers to the survey after the call
    • Your agents manually can send callers there to the survey

To set up the survey:

  • Go to → Voice Menu (Go to Flows → Voice Menus).
  • Click "New Voice Menu" at the top right hand corner of the page.
  • Name the menu something that is recognizable.  This allows the agent to knows they are choosing to send callers here manually.
  • In the voice prompt type or record the initial greeting you want to ask your callers.
  • Decide whether you want to allow your agents to manually direct callers to the survey by toggling on or off  Allow transfers. When the box is checked the agents will be able to transfer callers the survey when on the phone.
  • Next, choose how you want to tag calls that have been routed to this voice menu. Note: that this tag does not mean the caller completed the survey. It just indicates if they were presented with the survey.


  • Select how you want to handle callers who do not enter anything or enter the wrong digits in the "Input Error/ Handling" area.
  • The Schedule Routing area can be left at the default sense you will most likely be controlling the use of this survey through your call queue configuration.  The call queue is where callers will be directed to this survey after the call.  Agents also have the option to send the caller to the survey manually. However, if you would like to have a different action taken you can set up that behavior within this area as well.
  • Because the survey is built using a Voice Menu, you can create a series of questions that take different paths based on the responses. Select → Add Menu Items to the right side to add additional menus for each of your keypress responses. For each path taken CTM would also recommend using a tag to indicate the response for each question.

In our survey example below, we are asking callers to rate our performance on a scale of 1 to 5. We will want different things to happen depending on their response we will tag those calls differently.

Here is the action we want to take when callers are happy and enter a 1 (keypress of 1):

Here is the action we want to take when callers were unhappy and enter a 5 (keypress of 5):

Here is the action we want to take when we did ok (keypress of 3):


Note that if you would like any of your keypress entries to route to another question for callers, you will need to create another voice menu with the next question and set up this first voice menu to route to that second voice menu in the keypress action.

Notice as you are entering tags for each keypress, those tags can be used for pulling reporting on response rates to the survey.

10. If you want particular tracking numbers routing right to this survey, you can associate them in the "Numbers" area. Otherwise, if you plan to have agents sending callers to this survey manually or if your queue will route callers to the survey, you can skip this step.

Now that you have your voice menu created, you want to start sending callers to the survey.

Option 1: You can choose to have your call queue route to the voice menu automatically at the end of each call. 

To do that, go to Call Queues (Flows Call Queues)
1. Click edit next to your existing queue or create a new queue.
2. Go to the post call section of the queue. You want to be careful to route callers to this survey -- not your agents. In the Caller Post Call Routing choose the Route Callers to a Voice Menu and then choose the first voice menu in your survey.

Notice in my example, I am routing callers to my satisfaction survey and am routing agents to a survey they take asking them if a sale was made in the call.


Option 2: Agents can choose to transfer callers to the survey in the softphone at any point during the call.  

To do so, agents should:

  1. Select Transfer in the softphone.
  2. Choose  transfer to a Voice Menu.
  3. Select the survey from the voice menu.



Now, you can filter all of you calls and reporting using keypress or tags to assess how your team is doing in terms of sending people to the survey and helping them with their issues.

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