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About Notifications
Notifications are automatic emails or text messages triggered by your calls and form completions so you can stay informed about performance. Whether you want to know about every call as soon as it happens or receive a weekly report of your calls, notifications can be customized for you and your clients' reporting needs.

For example, you can receive a phone call or text each time a phone call comes in through one of your tracking numbers. Alternatively, you might like to receive a text notification each time a call goes unanswered so you can immediately look into it. Many advertising agencies set up monthly or weekly digests to be sent to their clients to keep them informed of the progress of their campaigns. There is no limit to how many notifications you can set up, and they can be sent to any email address or text message-capable phone number.

Note: To use the text notifications, please make sure your Trust Center has been set up and approved. 

Click here to watch the Notifications video tutorial. 

Setting up Notifications

1. Go to Reports → Notifications


2. Create your first notification, or if you already have notifications in your account, click the New Notification button in the upper right-hand corner.

The notification setup page is broken into several areas:

  • General: Basic setting for notifications
  • Recipients: Who will be notified
  • Information: Select what call data you'd like to include in the notification
  • Conditions: Configures under what conditions should the notification be sent
  • Testing: See a sample notification against a past phone call
  • Preview: Preview your saved notification


1. Name your Notification. This is just for your internal use so you can know what notification is which. Some helpful labels would be monthly calls, missed calls, or even sales calls.

2. Select your Notification Language. We offer notifications in English, French, Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

3. Select your Notification Type:

  • Email After Call
  • Text Message After Call
  • Daily Email of Calls
  • Weekly Email of Calls
  • Monthly Email of Calls
  • Chats
  • FormReactor Email
  • Sale/Conversion
  • Scored
  • Tracking Numbers Purchased
  • Tracking Number Released

4. Click Save Changes.



1. Add or select existing email addresses to receive the notification. The number of recipients is not limited, and they do not have to be users in the account. Note: If the email address is in red, this indicates the recipient is not a user in the account. 

2. Click Save Changes.



1. Enter the Subject Line for your notification. Clicking on the boxes underneath will add specific components of the phone call to the subject. For example {{name}} called on {{day}} will show John Doe called on Friday in the subject line for a caller whose name is John Doe and called in on Friday.

2. Select which fields you'd like to include in your notification. Any field that is on the left-hand side will NOT be included and anything on the right-hand side WILL be included.

Some call fields require Enhanced Caller ID or Transcriptions turned on in Call Settings.

We can't send all call details inside a text message, so this option won't appear for text notifications.

3. Click Save Changes.



Filters allow you to add conditions to customize what needs to be met for the notification to be triggered. You can add multiple Filters to any notification.

1. Select +Add Rule.

2. Three columns will appear for you to configure your Filters.

3. Click Save & Edit.


Conditions are optional. If you do not add any conditions, you will receive this notification for every call.

You can add multiple conditions and they will add in each if one of the conditions matches you can also use the 713617.pngbuttons to group conditions to be together to be inclusive.


1. Test your conditions against a past call to see if it would trigger a notification.


Auto-lead Data Format Settings used for Auto Dealers

  • Use one Tracking Number per automobile you are marketing.
  • Have a Notification filtered for that Tracking Number.
  • Set the make/model, etc. to include in the notification. These fields are optional - you could choose to send caller information without make/model.


1. View what the notification would look like with the information you selected once you have saved the notification

2. Choose a past call to see how it would email to you. Refresh to see a different call.



The delivery logs section is instrumental when trying to troubleshoot why a notification was not sent.  Check this log to see if the email was sent and what the status is.  If you see delivered but still do not see the email - check your spam folder.  Another possible issue is if the email was blocked, then you may see that your email provider is blocking emails from CallTrackingMetrics.

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