The LeadReactor streamlines your organization's outbound calling with its advanced answering machine detection technology. Instantly leave personalized voicemail messages without any agent involvement, making the process more efficient. Monitor the time and effort saved with the in-depth reporting that comes built-in with this feature.

Create LeadReactor

  1. Navigate to Flows>Engagement>LeadReactor
  2. Give the LeadReactor a name and description (optional), then click Save


  1. Provide a name to organize your lead reactors
  2. Select if your tasks will be distributed to a single agent or a queue of agents
  3. Select your agent or queue
  4. Select your Outbound Caller ID
  5. Save Changes

Prompts and Messaging

  1. Connect Prompt: A message that plays to the caller when they are connected
  2. Voicemail Message: A message that plays if a voicemail box is detected
  3. Save Changes

Adding Tasks

  1. Click Add Task
  2. In the Subject, add a description of the task for this lead
  3. Under Contact, select a contact from your activity log 
  4. Select a priority for this lead from Urgent to Low
  5. Add a Status for the lead, Pending, which will generate a call as soon as an agent matches the rules set previously 
  6. Click either Save and Close or Save and Add Another to add more leads to the task list

💡 You can also add tasks to the LeadReactor via Triggers and Salesforce Monitors.

Status Board

Keep management in the know with the LeadReactor's status board. 

  1. Click the Status button found in one of two places in the LeadReactor; under the General section and under the Task section. 

The status board provides many metrics, including, but not limited to, Time Saved, Pending Tasks, Active Agents, and Abandoned Calls. You can view these metrics in four different time blocks of your choosing.

Please note: The LeadReactor currently only works when using the new softphone. 

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