Release Notes: June 2023

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Enhancements

With the sunset of Google Analytics Universal, we have been working diligently on enhancing our GA4 integration to make the transition as smooth as possible. This month, our enhancements included:


  • Before deleting a mapping set, we will show a dialog with all the places where that mapping set is in use (and will be broken)
  • Defaulting to automatically matching session data to data streams
  • Automatically accept the “Data Collection Agreement” behind the senses, so there is no need to enter API secret keys


Want to learn more, visit our help article here.

Trust Center Enhancements - Agency Brand Sharing

We now have the ability to share an A2P Brand for agencies that are a single business. Once a brand has been successfully registered, it can then be shared out to other subaccounts and those accounts can create campaigns from that brand.  


Want to learn more, visit our help article here.

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