Skill Based Routing



Skill Based Routing, is a call-assignment strategy used to assign incoming calls to the most suitable agent, instead of simply choosing the next available agent. It is an enhancement to the automatic call routing like round-robin and longest waiting. Each caller can be routed to an agent that fits their particular needs. 


Assign Agents Skills


  1. Navigate to Flows>Routing>Queues
  2. Under Agents on the Queue page, click on Edit Agent Routing Rules
  3. Click Edit to the right of the agent 
  4. Scroll to the Skill section
  5. Assign a Skill to your agent by inputting a short description of their skill, i.e. Spanish.
  6. Click Save Agent & Done 


Example Skill


Create the Skill Based Routing


  1.  From the Edit Agent Routing Rules page, scroll to Skill Based Routing
  2.  Click Manage Skill Selection
  3. Add rules calls follow to get to agents with listed skills
  4. Click Process Agent Selection
  5.  Add the agents' skill set
  6. Choose to ring only match agents or boost the agents in the queue that have the listed skill 




This example will cover the set-up of Skill Based Routing for an agent that has the skill of Spanish speaking and an IVR with a key press of 2 as a selection for the caller to speak with a Spanish-speaking agent. 


Set the rule:


Then Click the Process Agent Selection button


Select the skill:



Set Agent Priority:


Note: If Boost the agent priority is selected, this option will ring the agent with the designated skill first, if that agent does not answer then other agents in the queue that do not have that skill listed will be rung.

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