Visitor Detail Panel

The Visitor Detail panel in your call log ties into the Session Data column in your call log.  When the tracking script captures session data for a visitor, the full details of that data can be viewed from this expanded detail panel.

Click in the empty space in the Session Data column or click Edit and then Visitor Detail to view the panel.

Visitor Detail

Several useful pieces of information are included in this panel:

  1. Visitor Likelihood: the accuracy score for this call (percent likelihood this is the correct visitor for the call)
  2. Page View History: the visitor's landing page URL and any other subsequent pages where they were tracked on your site
  3. Advertising Data: cookies associated with any advertising trackers you are using (such as Google Analytics or Kissmetrics)
  4. IP Address: the IP address associated with this visitor session
  5. Browser: the browser version detected for the visitor
  6. Location Map: the visitor's location, based on the detected IP address

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Checking Google Analytics

Use the Check Analytics button on the bottom of the Visitor Detail panel to check the status of this call within your linked Google Analytics account.  This will open a pop-up with the following information:

  • Sent Events: if an event was sent to Analytics for this call, it will be marked here
  • Detected Events: details for the specific Analytics event related to this call
  • Analytics Goal: if a goal is detected in Analytics that matches this event, you will see Yes here (if not, No will be displayed)


Checking Other Sessions

Sometimes, especially if you have high traffic to your site, there will be more than one visitor on your website viewing the tracking number that was called at the time the call was made.  The best matching visitor will be shown in your Session Data and Visitor Detail sections.

You can check for other potential matches by clicking Check for other sessions in the Visitor Detail panel.  All possible visitors associated with this call will be shown in a list.

To change which session data is associated with this call, click the use or do not use buttons next to each possible visitor.


Missing Session Data

If there is no session data associated with the call, "No session data" will be displayed in the panel.

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