Emailing a Call

The email function in your call log can be used to send a message to someone containing a note and a link back to the call. This is a great way to share or discuss particular calls with other members of your team.

The email recipient does not have to be a user in your account in order to receive the message; however, they will not be able to access the call in your call log without logging in.

Sending an Email

To open the email panel, click the email icon on the right side of your call log. You can also click Edit on the left side of the call log, then click Email in the detail panel.

Check the box for Include Call Record to attach a link to this call in your message.


Email History

772131.pngWhen a call has been emailed to someone, a notifier will appear over the email icon indicating the number of times the call has been sent. If you view the email panel for that call, a log of all emails sent regarding this call will display at the bottom of the panel.


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