Enhanced Caller ID

While basic caller ID is included in all our plans at no additional cost, we also offer the option of using our Enhanced Caller ID for your incoming phone calls in the US and Canada. The cost per lookup varies based on your plan and will be shown next to the toggle in the call settings.  You will only be charged the first time that caller calls.  

This service will look up the caller's full name and billing address based on the number they are calling from. This service is especially helpful if you are attempting to build a mailing list from your calls.  We are also able to collect caller type, email address,  residency, household income, age, occupation and other information  for many callers through this service.


Using Enhanced Caller ID

To enable this service, go Numbers → Call Settings and click the option for Enhanced Caller ID.


Once you turn this service on, your enhanced caller ID information will begin to appear in call log, and you can export the information through the export calls feature.

One-time Lookups


If you prefer to not enable enhanced caller ID for all calls, you can use manual one-time lookups instead.

To do this, click the three vertical dots next to the caller's name in your call log.  A pop-up will appear to verify the cost of the lookup and ask you to confirm that you want to do a one-time database search for this caller.  Click Look Up to confirm.


image*Pricing shown is for demonstration purposes only, and is not representative of actual charges or usage fees


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