Quick Link Filters

The quick links filters allows you to set up some custom filters and replace the default filter of Calls and Texts

  • When in desk mode you have access to default filters “Voice & Text” but now you have options to change the filter links
  • By using the Teams setting you can manage the quick link that you’d like to provide the agents
  • You are able to customize the icons and apply them to the team. That allows the agent to quickly and easily identify the data they filtering


  • In order to setup custom quick links go to →  Teams → Agent Group → Setup 
  • Next, go to the Phone Buttons section and select → Manage Quick Links 
  • Once clicked, it will open up a pop-out window which can be edited
  • When you click on the pencil, it will give you options to customize the title of the filter, choose the filter type, and select the icon for the quick link


  • Once setup select → Save Changes
  • Now when you go into the agent view of the call log while in Desk Mode you will see the new filter icons
  • Once a filter is clicked, it will sort accordingly 



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