Exit Phone Tracking

The exit phone tracking feature allows you to see logs of different events or adverse agent behaviors.  

  • The exit phone tracking enhancements is a helpful feature when the company’s policies are set up to not allow the agent to ignore phone calls when the softphone is ringing  → Some agents will click the “exit” button in order to avoid accepting calls
  • When the not allow ignoring policy is in place the feature will not allow the agent to exit the phone until the call is answered.  When the agent selects “Exit” the behavior is set up to provide pop up message saying “Phone Ringing”
  • The Realtime Report call log will show a status event called “Exit” clicked as seen below
  • With the exit phone feature, reporting will show the length of ring time for the caller while the agent was trying to exit the phone 


Setup Instructions

  • To set up the exit policy, so it doesn’t allow the agent to exit, go to → Settings → Teams →  Answer Calls section and uncheck the box.  If this option is selected and the agent tries to “exit” while there is an incoming call you will see in the call log that the exit the phone button was selected.  The Realtime Report call log will show a status event called “exit” clicked as seen below



  • In order to set up the ignore call feature go to → Settings → Teams →  Answering Calls section and check the box to allow agents to ignore calls.  When selected it will show calls that have been ignored in the Realtime Agent reporting call log


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