Account Security Features

CallTrackingMetrics provides several features to keep your account and call data secure. Below is an overview of the features available, with links to more information.

Users and Account Access

  • Individual user accounts: you should create a unique login for every person who needs to access your account. Every account can create unlimited users, and there is no charge per user.
  • Two-factor authentication: two-factor authentication can be enabled for each user to provide additional login security.
  • Password Reset Link: The link is active for 1 hour before it expires. This time frame cannot be changed.
  • Automatic logout: Agency accounts can enable a setting to automatically log out users after a set period of inactivity. Inactivity is defined as any period of time when the browser is not sending a request to the CTM app servers. So, not interacting with the app, although the application is open on your screen, would count as inactive time. The exception to this would be maintaining an available status in the softphone as this will actively keep the activity alive.
  • Last login: administrators and agency administrators can see how long ago each user in the account logged in on the account users list page.
  • User roles: Each user is assigned a role that determines what they can see and change in the account.
  • Access control groups: Agency accounts can create access control groups to customize the features and data available to the users assigned to the group.   Access Controls can only be applied to agents, call managers, and report managers.
  • Teams (phone settings): Sales Engage, Enterprise, and Contact Center accounts can create teams of agents using phone settings to limit access to phone features, including the ability to transfer calls and access recordings and live listening.
  • Change history: most changes are logged in a version history, including a timestamp and the ID of the user that made the change. A collection of all logged account changes can be found on the change history page.

Call Data

  • Redaction: agency plans can remove personal information from records of calls, texts, and forms in your account. Redaction can be done manually or automatically.
  • GDPR: CallTrackingMetrics offers several tools and recommended configurations to help you comply with GDPR requirements.
  • HIPAA: Review our list of recommended settings for customers with HIPAA concerns.
  • Secure Transcriptions: enable secure transcriptions to detect when credit card information, social security information, or phone numbers are spoken during a call, tag the call appropriately, and redact that information from your call transcriptions and associated call recording.
  • Protected Recordings: enable password-protected recordings on your Account Settings or Agency Settings page (found in the Settings menu) to require a PIN to access call audio.
  • Time-limited Recordings: set a number of days that links to call audio files will be valid in your Account Settings or Agency Settings.
  • Encrypted Recordings: enable encrypted recordings in your account’s call settings for a small additional fee per minute.
  • Deleting Recordings: call recordings can be deleted individually or in larger batches by date range.

Exports, Downloads, and Notifications

  • Included Fields: call log exports and notifications allow you to select which call fields are included, allowing you to limit what information is distributed outside of the CallTrackingMetrics platform.

Email Notifications about Your Account

  • Billing Notifications: account billing notifications are sent to all administrators on the account. If your account has agency administrators, you can change this preference in each agency administrator’s user profile.
    • It is not possible for all agency administrators to opt out of receiving billing notifications. If all agency administrators turn off billing notifications in their profiles, all agency administrators will receive billing notifications.
  • New Admin Alert: whenever a new administrator is added to your account, an email alert will be sent to all existing administrators.
  • New Login Alert: if you log in to your account from a new IP address, an email alert will be sent to notify you.


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