Text Message Routing for Agent Notifications

Provide your agents with the ability to respond to incoming text messages immediately. With our new text routing feature it's easy to notify agents real-time of incoming text messages (directly within their softphone). 


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A tracking number that is eligible to receive text messages
  • Queue with agents assigned, who will receive the texts (you may use the same queue your using for phone calls)
  • A chat user license assigned to each agent in the above queue who will receive text notifications


To get started:

Go to Numbers > Tracking Numbers

Then, in the Text Routing section take the following steps

  1. Text message enabled = ON
  2. How would you like to route your texts? = Select Queue from drop down list
  3. In the next drop down, select the Queue to be used for routing
  4. Ensure the notify available agents box is checked


NOTE: Max hold time is 500 seconds, once this time has elapsed without any interaction the text message will be automatically closed. Seconds to answer is 500, each agent will have this amount of time to respond to the text message.

Here’s what an incoming text message will look like for an agent. Notice the prompt at the bottom of the softphone. Agents will also hear an audio cue.



Once the text message is answered, agents will be able to communicate directly from the softphone with the customer.


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