Restoring Released Tracking Numbers


Tracking numbers that have been released from a CallTrackingMetrics account will be held for 14 days before they are released back to the carrier for cleaning and resale.  If you wish to restore a number that was released in the last 14 days, you can restore them from the Tracking Numbers page in your account.  Restoring numbers to your account will apply number renewal charges to your account’s available balance.

You will need to contact our support team for assistance with tracking numbers that were released more than 14 days ago.

Restoring a Tracking Number

Navigate to Numbers → Tracking Numbers and click the Released Numbers button in the upper right corner



You will see a list of numbers that have been recently released from your account.  Locate the number you wish to restore, then click Restore Number.

You can also restore all released tracking numbers using the Restore All… button in the upper right corner of this page.  This will add all of the released numbers listed on this page back to your account at once.

  1. Click the Tracking Numbers button in the upper right corner to return to your list of active tracking numbers.
  2. Review the list of numbers and the restored number’s settings to ensure everything is set correctly.
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