Moving Tracking Numbers Between Accounts

Moving numbers allows you to move tracking numbers between accounts (with the option to include past call data).  There are two ways to move numbers between accounts:

  • Moving US/Canadian tracking numbers between sub-accounts in the same agency can be done by an agency administrator.
  • Moving international tracking numbers between sub-accounts in the same agency must be requested by opening a ticket
  • Moving tracking numbers between standalone accounts or sub-accounts that are not in the same agency must be requested by opening a ticket and requires approval from the highest-level administrators on both accounts (an agency administrator, if applicable; otherwise, an administrator).

Transferring call data along with the tracking number is optional.  However, once call data has been dissociated from a tracking number, it cannot be re-associated.

Moving Numbers within an Agency

Note: Do not move Tracking Numbers that are currently in porting into CTM. Once porting has been completed, you can move them between sub-accounts.

  1. Navigate to Numbers → Tracking Numbers.
  2. Select Accounts in the upper right corner of the tracking numbers list and choose Agency. Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 11.38.33 AM.png
  3. This page lists all numbers for all sub-accounts in the agency. Scroll or use the search bar to locate the number you wish to move.
  4. Click Change Account in the red Accounts column next to the number you wish to move.
  5. Use the drop-down menu to select the sub-account you wish to move the number to, then click the red checkmark.
    • Note: Before moving the tracking number to another account, it must be fully configured (call routing and Tracking Source must be added). 
  6. A confirmation window will appear showing which number will be moved, the sub-account it will be moved to, and the receiving number and tracking source it will be assigned to when moved.  Review this information for accuracy.
    • By default, the option to move call data with the number will be checked (call history will be moved with the number).  If you do not wish to move call data, uncheck this box now.
  7. Click Move Number.
  8. The tracking number will now be moved to the new sub-account you have selected.  You may need to refresh the application or log out and back in to see this change.  Call data may take up to several hours to transfer between sub-accounts, especially if there is a significant amount of call history.

Moving Numbers between Separate Accounts

To move numbers between accounts that are not in the same agency, you will need to contact our support team.  Requests to move numbers must come from an agency administrator and must also be approved by an agency administrator of the other account.  If the account does not have an agency administrator, requests or approval can come from the account administrator.

  1. Before submitting your request:
    • Find the name and account ID where the number is located and the account it will be moved to.  These details can be found in the upper right corner while viewing the account or sub-account.
    • Find the name and login email address of an administrator of a standalone account or agency administrator from the other account.  An admin from each account must give their approval before tracking numbers can be moved.
    • Decide whether the call history should move with the numbers.  Moving call history may take some additional time.  Once call history has been disassociated from a number (by moving the number without its call history), it cannot be restored.  If you choose not to move the call history with a number, it will not be deleted from the original account.
  2.  Open a ticket letting us know the account ID the numbers are currently in, the account ID they will go to, which numbers should be moved, and whether you would like call history to move along with the numbers.  This request must come from an administrator or agency administrator.
  3. CC an administrator of a standalone or agency administrator of the other account so that they can respond to let us know they approve the number move.  Approval for transfers must come from an administrator or agency administrator email address in a CallTrackingMetrics account.
  4. Our support team will process the request and send a confirmation when the transfer has been completed.
  5. Once the number has moved, we recommend you review the call settings and routing for the moved numbers.  You may need to refresh the application or log out and back in to see the numbers and call history appearing in your account.  Call data may take a few hours to transfer over for numbers with a significant call history.

Additional notes:

  • If you are moving an international number you will need to have an address on file in both accounts. 
  • International moves may take additional time due to the addresses
  • You can use this feature to locate a tracking number agency-wide over all of your accounts.


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