Intercom Chat

Intercom chat allows your agents to communicate with one another via live chat without leaving the CallTrackingMetrics platform. Intercom chat is included in the Sales Engage, Enterprise, and Connect plans. Under the Account Settings, the Administrator will need to turn on Allow agents to see each other and chat.

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Once enabled, an “Intercom” tab will pop up in your softphone panel, where you can view agent availability and select which agent you want to message.  


Note: To use intercom chat just select the search field with the cursor and type in the individual's name you would like to contact


Next, you can click the person's name to text chat, call, or place a video call


If you place a video call just select hang up button when complete


How to Turn On Intercom Chat

Go to Account Settings → Behaviors and toggle “ON” where it says “Allow agents to see each other and chat.” Make sure to select Update Feature to confirm the change.5th_Image.png


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