How to Set Up the Dial Directory


The Dial Directory routes calls to your team by prompting the caller to enter or say the person’s name they want to reach. If a Team has been set up with members, the caller just dials using the keypress on the phone or they can speak the name of the person they would like to reach. This feature can be used by saying the person’s first name, last name, or both first and last name. Note: If there are multiple people with the same first name, the system will prompt you for additional information (which is where you would want to speak/say the first and last name of the person you want to reach). The Dial Directory feature is available on the Contact Center plan. 

Team Setup

Select Settings  Teams (Phone Settings) → New Phone Settings Setup and enter the name of the Team.


Select Settings → Teams → Dial Directory. You can use the Dial (default) prompt message or change the message details.  Then choose the language, and the voice type, change the timeout (default is 15 seconds), select the dial prompt speech, and click Save.


Select Settings  Teams (Phone Settings) → Edit Assigned Members →  Members → Edit Members.


Select Agents and Save.


Team Directory

As part of the setup of the Tracking Number, you have the option to select a Team Directory from the drop-down box in the Dialed Routing section as shown below.


Select Flow → Tracking Numbers → Dial Directory → Team Directory.


Then, select the Team within the directory and click Save.




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