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Keyword spotting analyzes calls for particular keywords in the transcription of the call. By adding keyword spotting rules, you can tell the system to look for particular keywords and then take a variety of actions, such as exclude the call, send an email, rate the call, convert the call, or apply tags.  The transcription must be enabled for keyword spotting to work in your account. Keyword Spotting is available on Marketing Pro, Sales Engage, Enterprise, Performance, Growth, and Connect plans.

Click here to watch our Keyword Spotting video tutorial. 

The following are some example uses of keyword spotting:

  • Wrong Number Detection: If someone mentions “wrong number” in the call, apply a tag, exclude the call, and remove the visitor data associated with the call.
  • Call Quality Reporting: If someone mentions words like “upset” or “mad,” tag this call as “unhappy customer” and rate it with just 1 star and even have an automatic email sent to your sales manager. If someone mentions words like “happy,” “great,” or “delighted,” mark it with a “good call” tag and rate it with 5 stars.
  • Detect Trends: Enter different product lines as keywords, tag your calls with that information, and then as you review your missed call audio files, you can jump right to the place in the audio where the caller mentions one of your products.

Keyword Spotting Setup

Keyword spotting requires transcriptions.  If you have not enabled transcriptions in your account, follow the instructions here before continuing.

  1. Navigate to Flows → Automation → Keyword Spotting.  If you have not already created keyword spotting rules in your account, you will be directed to a setup page.  Otherwise, click New Keyword Spotting Rules in the upper right corner.
  2. Click + Add Keyword.
  3. Enter the word or short phrase that you would like to use for this rule.
  4. Use the drop-down menu to choose how the system will search for this keyword (Anyone, Caller, Agent).
  5. If you want multiple keywords to trigger the same action in this rule, you can click + Add Keyword to add additional words or short phrases as needed.
  6. Click Add Action.
  7. Use the drop-down menu to select what will happen when the listed keywords are spotted.  The following options are available:
    • Tag Call will tag the call with one or more tags you specify
    • Tag Call with Keyword tags the call with the keyword that was spotted
    • Send Text Message Notification will send a text notification to a number you specify
    • Send Email Notification will send an email notification to an email address you specify
    • Remove Web Visitor removes the session data associated with the call
    • Exclude Call automatically excludes the call from your call log
    • Convert Call marks the call as converted and sets the dollar value to the amount you specify
    • Score Call sets the star rating for the call to the rating you specify
    • Assign Agent allows you to select the agent assigned to the action
  8.  If you want multiple actions to occur when the keywords are spotted, you can click Add Action to add more actions as needed.
  9. Click Save Changes
  10. Next, you can Spot Activity Types for the types of activity to spot the keywords in.  This can be done in Calls, Chats, or you can select both.  
  11. In the Call Settings section, select the call settings configurations in your account where these rules will be applied.  Click the name of the configurations on the left to move them to the list on the right.  Any call settings configurations that do not have transcriptions enabled will have the warning to let you know transcriptions need to be enabled.
  12. Click Save Changes.

Keyword Reporting

Spotted keywords can be viewed in the Voice Analysis panel of each call.  A target icon Help-Keyword-Spotting-Call-Log-Icon.png  will appear in the Contact column for any call where a keyword has been spotted.  They can also be included in activity log exports and viewed as a dimension in activity reports.

To view spotted keywords in your call log:

  1. Navigate to Activities → Calls and locate a call with the spotted keyword icon.
  2. Click on the icon to open the Voice Analysis panel.  You can also click edit on the left-hand side of any call, then click Voice Analysis to open this section.
  3. Here, you will see a breakdown of the audio for the call, including a player where you can listen to the call and the full transcription of the call.  Just below the player, you will see a list of all keywords that were spotted on the call.  You can click on any of these keywords to skip to that part of the call recording.


You can also view a report of your spotted keywords in your activity reports.  Navigate to Reports → Activity Reports and use the dimension drop-down menu to select "Spotted Keywords."



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