Tracking Numbers and Email Campaigns

You can set up tracking numbers for your Email campaigns which provide the result of the email campaign.  

There are two ways to track email campaigns; the first way would be to hard-code the tracking number in your email. This would be an offsite tracking source. One example is your signature or in the body of the email. The second way to track your email campaigns would be when someone clicks a link from the email that directs the user to your website which is an onsite tracking source. 

Example 1: OffSite

For an offsite tracking source select the preset of Email and hard-code the tracking number in the email body. In this example, the call is attributed to the source of the email campaign. However, there wouldn't be a session to associate with the caller.


To create an offsite email campaign:

  • Navigate to Numbers → Tracking Source
  • Select → New Tracking Source 
  • In the Preset box → Select Email

Note: Offsite (static) sources are set as the default setting.


Onsite tracking source example (when someone clicks a link from your email/newsletter to your website a tracking number will be dynamically associated with the email campaign). This would be an onsite tracking source and there would be a session attributed to the activity.

To create an Onsite:

  • Next, go to Go to Numbers → Tracking Source 
  • Click → New Tracking Source at the top right-hand side of the page 
  • Select the Preset labeled → Email in the drop-down menu


  • Then turn on onsite (dynamic).  When toggled on it will be considered an Onsite Source activity.  
    • Onsite (dynamic) sources apply to tracking numbers that will be dynamically appearing on your website


Setting Conditions

To set the Email campaign for onsite tracking: Scroll down to → Conditions

  • Create a custom onsite tracking source
    • The condition should be by landing page and include UTM parameters. For example: utm_campaign=NewsletterSpring2021. This tag should be included in the Emails hyperlink. Example:
    • Last touch attribution will need to be selected
    • Set the Position to 
  • Save Changes


The last step is to assign a tracking number(s) to the Email source(s) you just set up. You can do that by going to the buy numbers page and then selecting the source you just set up in the setup and purchase area OR if you already have the number purchased, you can go to Numbers → tracking sources and choose to add the tracking number to that source.


Anytime someone clicks through from one of your Emails they will see the tracking number you have associated with that Email source.  You should also put that tracking number in your Email so you cover all the bases.

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