Notes and Call Scoring in the Softphone


Agents using the softphone for inbound or outbound calls can make notes, edit customer contact information, and score calls. These options appear as buttons on your softphone during active calls.



In your softphone during an active call you are able to add the following items:

  • Notes: add notes to the call to be attached as part of the contact history for the caller
  • Tag Call: apply a call tag, which will appear in the contact column in the call log for this call
  • Name and Email: add or edit contact information for the caller
  • Custom contact fields: if you have added custom fields to your contact panel for your account, those fields will be available here as well (such as account ID or company name)



Score Call

Click the Score Call button in your softphone during an active call to open a scoring panel within the phone window. Here you will find options for:

  • Star rating: apply a star rating from one to five stars, or select No Rating
  • Conversion toggle: flip the toggle to on to mark the call as a conversion within your account
  • Conversion value: assign a value for the call in dollars
  • Reporting tag: enter or choose from a list of reporting tags, which will show in the score column in your call log


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