How to Use ROI Reporting

How to Use ROI Reporting

Within the reports menu, you will see a group of reports called "ROI Reports". These reports allow you to see the financial performance of each advertising campaign as we well as the performance of the people answering your phones.

The first step to completing the ROI reports is to begin logging each call with the customer service rep who answered the phone and any conversions that occurred over the phone. You do this within the call log:

  • Click the score call in the call log
  • Enter a Score
  • Enter the tag
  • Choose if Converted
  • If converted add a dollar amount
  • Add the date of the transaction

This information will allow you to track information for each call.


The second step is to enter in your advertising spend for each channel each month within the ROI reports by clicking the edit cost button. That is done by going to reports---> ROI reports 


The ROI score and information is helpful to trance for each of your advertising channel within these reports.

In addition, you will find a report in the ROI area that breaks down performance by customer service rep.

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