Receiving Party Whispers

You can set up two different types of whispers that the person picking up the phone will hear when a call comes through your tracking numbers.

Both whispers are managed on the call settings page within the numbers menu.

  1. Account whisper message:  This message will play to the receiver of the call just prior to the caller being connected. It can make a general announcement that you want the receivers of your calls to hear across all of your tracking numbers. Many people use this to announce to the receiving party that the call is being recorded.When you enable the account whisper message, you'll notice that you can change the sound and language of the speech engine that is reading out the message. You can also upload an audio file or call into record your own voice. These can be helpful for clients that need to whisper a message in another language.
  2. Source announcement whisper: The source whisper announces the source of the incoming phone call to the receiver of the call before the call connects. (It will play after the account whisper message if you also have that turned on) It will say "new call from XXX". XXX will be whatever the tracking source is named for each of your tracking numbers. (for example: google organic, facebook, direct etc.)


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