Outbound Dialing

To make outbound calls on your CallTrackingMetrics tracking numbers, you’ll need to use the built-in softphone.  The softphone can be accessed in multiple ways based on the CalltrackingMetrics plan type.  To access the phone: In the Call Log page (Activities → Calls).


  • Click Desk Mode  to open the desk mode view.
  • Click Phone to open the pop-out phone window.
  • Click the phone icon, then Open Phone to open the pop-out window from any page in the application.


You will need a microphone in order to make outbound calls.  If your computer does not have a microphone built in, you’ll need to use a headset that is compatible with your computer.  When you open the softphone for the first time, you should get a pop-up from your browser asking for permission to access your computer’s microphone.  Make sure you click accept when this prompt appears, and always allow if that option is available.

Make an Outbound Call

  1. Launch the softphone by clicking the phone icon as described in the previous steps above
  2. Enter the number you wish to dial in the field at the top of the phone window
  3. Choose a tracking number which can be found in the drop-down menu of the phone (note: the outbound dialed number you wish to contact must be dialed first before the tracking number drop-down menu will appear) 
  4. Click Call.



Returning a Call

In addition to dialing using the softphone, you can also return calls from the call log using the Call button that appears next to each call.

  1. Navigate to Activities Calls.
  2. Find the caller you want to contact using the search bar, the filter button, or by scrolling through the call log.
  3. On the far left side of each call, you will see a Call button and an Edit button.  Click Call to initiate a call to the number that person called you from.


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