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This article covers detailed information regarding the Legacy Salesforce integration. Before proceeding, we recommend that you follow the instructions in this article

As your agents are taking calls you can create leads, contacts, or other custom object records via CallTrackingMetrics’ integration with Salesforce and append the call activity to their record. This also can be used for your SMS messages and FormReactors. You can configure this to happen either automatically or manually by your agents within the Call Log.

Lead, Contact, and Custom Object matching
CallTrackingMetrics uses several criteria when looking for a matching record in Salesforce. When you receive a call, we first check to see if we’ve previously created a Salesforce record or if there is an existing matching record using the CTM Activity record. If so, we will append the call as an Activity to the Salesforce record as well as the Campaign (Tracking Source).

If we do not find an existing record created, then we will search your Org for a match using:

  • The phone number of your caller
  • The email address (when available) on the CTM Activity record
  • Any other phone number related to their CTM Activity record.

We are searching any field in your Org with the data type “phone” or “email,” and a few things can happen depending on how your integration is configured to add these records.

Manually adding Leads/Contacts
As your agents take calls in CTM, they will have the option within the Activity Log to add the caller as a record in Salesforce by clicking the cloud in the Actions column on the call record.

(Salesforce cloud action to manually add Leads/Contacts from the Activity Log is available when utilizing the Legacy Salesforce Integration.)


CTM will search your Salesforce instance for a match.

  • If we find a matching record(s) associated with the phone number your agent will be presented with the matching records so they can select which record or opt to create a new one.
  • If we don’t find a matching record, then the agent will be presented with the option to create a new lead record.

Automatically adding Leads/Contacts
You can automate Salesforce lead and contact creation from inbound calls, texts, or form submissions by toggling ON the option to automatically add new callers as a lead from the Lead Options section of the integration page.

But first, in an effort to keep your Org clean, you may want to define specific criteria that a call/caller must meet before sending them as a new Salesforce Lead or Contact. Criteria such as talk time can help you to exclude callers who may have dialed the wrong number, and using key-press information can limit record creation to callers that have reached a certain department like Sales or Customer Service. These can also be found in the Lead Options section of the integration page.

Customization for your company’s needs

There are many ways to customize how and when CTM will send data to Salesforce. Call 800-577-1872 to contact the Sales team or your Customer Success Manager to learn about the benefits of purchasing a one-on-one engagement to implement and optimize this integration for your team.

**Please note this is for the Legacy Salesforce integration only (not using Triggers). 

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