Agent Activity Logs

Here is a list of all of our event names and descriptions in the Agent Activity Logs. These can be useful when troubleshooting softphone issues, as the Event names can show up in error messages found in the softphone logs in the Agent Activity History. 

Event Name


accept_calls the agent is marked as online and accepting phone calls via softphone
account they joined the current account
agent_end we can get this event when the agent manually clicks the hangup button during a call but not always
answered an activity was answered
audio-quality they experienced bad audio quality due to a hardware issue
audio-quality-end the audio issue cleared
block_call when a call is blocked.
busy if a call rang busy
caller_disconnect the caller to whom they were connected with disconnected and is no longer on the call
cancel_wrapup a wrapup session was canceled by the agent reloading the page
canceled the call that was ringing to their softphone was canceled
chat_end a chat ended
chat_start a chat started
completed when a call is generally completed
dialed they were dialed e.g. an inbound call or transfer was directed to their softphone
disconnect they received a disconnect event on their softphone (could be a normal call ending)
dnd_call specific to mobile application if the end-user has Do Not Disturb turned on
error they experienced an error
exit-phone they closed the softphone
failed their softphone device received a failed event
force_logout when an agent is force logged out by an administrator
form_end when a form routed call ends
form_start when a form routed call starts
hangup a hangup event for a call that the agent was on
hold when a call is placed on hold
ignored they ignored an inbound call, chat, or transfer - this could be based on reloading the page or clicking to ignore the call
ignored-inactive when an incoming activity is ignored via inactivity
ignored-reload when an incoming activity is explicitly detected as being ignored by the agent reloading the web page
inbound_end the inbound phone call is over
inbound_missed when an inbound call directed to the agent is missed by the agent
leave_account they left the account they were previously in
listen the agent listened to a call
local-IP when we have identified the local IP address of the softphone useful when troubleshooting multiple same user sessions shared on a local network
login they logged into the service
login_attempt they attempted to login to the service (could be a sign of an account comprise attempt)
logout-phone they logged out via the phone
missed a dial directed to the agent was missed e.g. they didn't answer
missed_dial when a dial to an agent is missed e.g. they didn't answer
network-quality they experienced bad network quality e.g. packet loss or buffer bloat
network-quality-end the network improved
no-answer they were dialed but did not answer
open-phone when the softphone in the browser is opened
outbound_busy an outbound dial ended in a busy signal meaning the agent was not at their device (the softphone browser page was closed)
outbound_end the outbound phone call is over
outbound_missed an outbound dial directed to their phone (e.g. via a dialer) resulted in a missed call e.g. the agent didn't answer a dialer call
push_answered a push event indicating an activity was answered was pushed to their browser (push is for push notifications)
push_end a push event was sent indicating the activity is over
push_start a push event was sent to the user's browser
push_transfer_cancel transfer cancel but delivered via push notifications
push_transfer_end transfer end but delivered via push notifications
push_transfer_failed transfer failed but was delivered via push notifications
push_transfer_start transfer start but delivered via push notifications
reject_calls the agent is no longer accepting calls
softphone_offline we detected their softphone went offline (received this event when its internet connection was restored)
stop_hold_party they clicked the stop hold button to take a participant on a call off of hold
task_end when a task for the preview dialer ends
transfer_accept if a transfer is accepted by an agent e.g. answered
transfer_cancel when a call transfer is canceled
transfer_dialed when a call transfer dialed an agent e.g. the service scheduled the dial outbound to the agent's phone
transfer_end when a transfer ends
transfer_failed if a transfer failed e..g could not reach any agents
transfer_ringing when a call transfer is acknowledged by the agent's softphone and is ringing
transfer_start when a call transfer starts
video_member_end when a Zoom or video conference member's leg ends
wrapup_end the wrapup ended
wrapup_start the wrapup started
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