Creating Custom Reports

In CTM's reporting section, you can create custom reports. Custom Reports allows you to craft personalized reports, modeled after our Overview report. Essentially, you'll produce a dashboard composed of various cards that encapsulate detailed topic reports in a summarized manner. Once created, these custom reports can be scheduled, shared, and exported for convenient access and collaboration.

  1. To start a custom report, navigate to Reports > Custom Reports, then click on New Report.
  2. Enter the report title.
  3. Check the Show in Reporting Menu checkbox if you want the report to show in the Custom Reports section of the left menu. 
  4. Check if you want to Show Timeline or Show Call Log in your report, and click Continue
  5. Next, fill out the General section
    • Choose a Name
    • Type
      • Bar
      • Pie
    • Source
      • Activities 
      • Agents
    • Metric
      • Average Duration
      • Contacts
      • Repeat Contacts
      • Repeat vs New
      • New Contacts
      • New vs Repeat
    • Dimensions - We recommend limiting this to one or two dimensions. No more than three dimensions are supported.  
      • Source
      • Tracking Number
      • Receiving Number
      • Name
      • Postal Code
      • City
      • State
      • Country
      • Tag
      • Agent
      • Status 
      • Report Tag
      • Phone Type
      • Carrier
      • Landing Host
      • Landing Path
      • Referring Host
      • Referrer Path
      • SearchDevice
      • Mobile
      • Browser
      • Ad Campaign
      • Ad Group
      • Ad Creative
      • Ad Keyword
      • Ad Network
      • Ad Position
      • Ad Format
      • Form
      • Activity Type
  6. Filters - control which calls are used by this graph. You must save the graph to access filters. 
  7. Design - adjust the display of your graph
    • Layout Width
      • 1 Column
      • 2 Column
      • 3 Column
  8. Click Save Graph.
  9. Once you save your custom report, you will be able to view your report. 


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