AskAI Text Message

AskAI Text Message is a text message action that allows you to automatically send a text message to a customer by evaluating a prompt with the incoming text message body.   It also takes into consideration the conversation history, meaning responses can be handled to carry a meaningful conversation.


To set up AskAI Text Message, go to Flows>Triggers>New Trigger>Add Action>AskAI Text Message.

To configure the trigger to run on all new incoming text messages, do the following:

  1. Give your trigger and name and description.
  2. Set the trigger to run When an activity is received.
  3. Set the trigger to run for all tracking numbers, or select the set of tracking numbers that receive text messages.

Configuring the workflow:

  1. Add a rule that defines if Type > Is >Inbound Text.
  2. Then add an action for AskAI Text Message.
  3. Set the number you would like the text to come from, by default the number that the incoming text came in on will be used.
  4. In the Prompt box, add a prompt that describes to the AI how you want it to respond to messages.

Prompt Example:

You are an employee of a well known camping supply company that has extensive knowledge about camping. Answer all questions as an employee of this store and not an AI language model.


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