Overview Report

The Overview Report is a dashboard (comprising a set of cards) that summarizes the detailed reports in a topic. These cards contain information by default, but can be changed to fit anyone's style and needs. Pie charts or bar graphs can be used, as well as different dimensions and filters.

To view this report, navigate to Reports > Overview.

The top portion of the Overview Report provides the following information:

  • Total Calls
  • Total Contacts
  • Average Ring Time
  • Average Talk Time
  • Top Tracking Source
  • Top Day
  • Top Hour


The report defaults to cards showing the following:

  • Calls by Source
  • Average Call Duration by Source
  • New vs Repeat Calls
  • Repeat Calls by Source



Editing the Overview Report

These cards can be edited, moved, or deleted by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of each. 


On the edit screen, you can update the name, type, metric and add additional dimensions. Note: We recommend limiting this to one or two dimensions no more than 3 dimensions are supported.

In the Filters section, you can edit using Tracking Source filters, Tag filters, or Receiving Number Filters. You can also toggle ON Advanced filters.





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