Live Listen

Live Listen is available on Sales Engage, Enterprise, Growth and Connect plans. It allows a user to listen to live calls from the Call Log. To Live Listen to a call, that call must route through a Call Queue. You will also be able to listen to Outbound calls that are not routed through a Call Queue. 

In a Growth plan, Live Listen is available to anyone accessing the Call Log. 

In a Sales Engage, Enterprise, or Connect plan, Live Listen can be managed via Team Settings, under Accessing Calls.

  • To use the Live Listen feature, click on the Listen button on the left side of the call in the Call Log. Screenshot_2023-04-06_at_3.32.59_PM.png
  • To manage Live Listen in Connect plans, navigate to Settings > Team Settings.
  • Choose to Allow Anyone, Allow No One, or Allow Managers to listen to live calls. Screenshot_2023-04-05_at_4.57.32_PM.pngScreenshot_2023-04-05_at_4.57.47_PM.png
  • If allowing Managers to listen, they will need to be assigned in the Managers section of your Team Settings.  Click on Edit Assigned Managers, click on the user you want to assign, then save changes. Screenshot_2023-04-05_at_5.00.43_PM.pngScreenshot_2023-04-05_at_5.02.00_PM.png
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