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Agents using the CallTrackingMetrics softphone can set Agent status to reflect their activity throughout the day. This is great for managers who need to track overall agent activity or for team communication to see who's available or unavailable at any given time. By default, Agents will have the ability to select from "Available" and "Not Available" statuses in their softphone. However, you can create up to 32 custom status options.

Creating Agent Statuses

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account Settings.
  2. Click or scroll down to Agent Settings.
  3. In the Agent Statuses field, type each new status and press Enter. You may have up to eight custom Agent statuses in your account.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Agent-Status.pngNew-Status-Indicators.pngNew-Status-Indicators.pngSetting Your Status Once custom statuses have been configured in your account, agents will be able to set their status from the softphone window.

  1. Launch the softphone by clicking the phone icon or the Phone button in your call log.
  2. Click the set your status drop-down and choose from the list of available statuses.
  3. You can remove your custom status by clicking the x in the status field, clicking Accept Calls, or by closing the softphone.

Tracking Agent Statuses From a reporting perspective, CallTrackingMetrics will show the following statuses below, along with any custom statuses created.

  • Offline: agent logs out or closes the softphone
  • Online: agent has the softphone open and in "accepting calls" mode
  • Inbound Call: agent is on a live inbound call
  • Outbound Call: agent is on a live outbound call

To get an overview of agent statuses and activity throughout the day, check the agent activity section in your real-time agents report.

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