Facebook Messenger Chat Integration

To utilize the Facebook Messenger Chat integration a CallTrackingMetrics chat license is required. Next, you will need to set up the chat widget. This integration is available on Sales Engage, Enterprise, Growth, and Connect plans.

To integrate Facebook Messenger into CallTrackingMetrics Chat, go to:

    • Menu → Flows →  Chat Widget Create or Edit an existing Chat Widget
    • Scroll down to Facebook Messenger
    • Continue as your Facebook “User” or Login to the Facebook account
    • Select the Facebook Page →  Click Next  → this will take you to the Facebook authentication page where you need to select all privacy settings set to → Yes


Click Done 

  • Facebook Messenger will now link to the account 
  • Once complete it should show Connected


Note: A user will need to have the role of Admin, Editor, or Moderator of the FB page to successfully link the account with CTM for the chat integration. Users with the role of Advertiser on the FB page cannot create the link but can utilize all functions once set up by one of the other three roles.

Facebook Page Setup

  • Go to the Facebook Page you would like to link to the CTM account
  • Go to Settings > New pages experience > Advanced Messaging > Connected Apps (or click here to get directly to that page. 
  • In the connected apps section it should show the CallTrackingMetrics app

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 12.32.38 PM.png

To Test the service

  • Go back to the Facebook Page that was connected to CallTrackingMetrics
  • Use the mouse to hover over the Send a Message button and a popup will appear


  • Select →  Test Button
  • Type your message → Send


In the CTM Call Log and softphone, you should see the message appear and you can respond.


When messaging back it will appear back in the Facebook Messenger conversation. 


Facebook Messenger Chat Limitations

  1. Due to security reasons, only one connection is allowed for each Facebook Page to a CTM account.
  2. You can link multiple Facebook Pages to a single Chat Widget in the CTM account, but each Facebook Page can only be linked to a single Chat Widget. This means you can track data from multiple Facebook Pages within a single CTM Account, but you can’t track data from the same Facebook Page in multiple CTM Accounts / Chat Widgets.
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