CallTrackingMetrics provides receipts to our customers rather than a detailed invoice. We charge your credit card once to put funds into your available balance. We then draw from that available balance as you use CTM’s services (minutes, purchase/renewal numbers, subscription renewal, SMS messages, etc.).

You can view a receipt by going to SettingsBilling SettingsAccount Payment Historyclick on the eyeball icon next to the specific payment. This will allow you to view your receipt. You can also print it from this page by right-clicking and selecting print. 

To email yourself an invoice, click the Printable Statements button in the Account Payment History section, fill out the date range, add the email address, and click Send Statement

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 3.25.52 PM.png

If you want your billing address on the receipt, go to Settings → Billing Settings and scroll to → Service Address. Fill out the form, and your billing address will appear on the receipt.



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