Overview of Referral Partner Program

Sign up to become a CallTrackingMetrics Referral Partner and share your unique link to drive new CTM sign-ups and earn commissions.

Here are the steps:

  • Apply for a Referral Partner account. Please choose “Referral Partner” from the partner type drop-down. 
  • We will review your application and you will receive an email once it is approved, this email will include a link to activate your CallTrackingMetrics partner portal login. Typically accounts are approved within 48 hours.
  • After you have activated your portal login, you will be prompted to sign your Referral Partner agreement. 
  • You will access your unique tracking link on the homepage of your partner portal.  You’ll want to send the link to your prospects so they can sign up. The link takes them directly to the CallTrackingMetrics plans page so they can choose the plan that suits their needs.
  • If you would like to have access to their account, ask them to add you as a user so you can view their account along with the other accounts you have access to on the sub-accounts page in CTM.


  • You will be paid once the sign-up reaches 90 days of being active. Payments are made via Paypal, so be sure to enter your Paypal email address in your Referral Partner application, or email it to Partnership@calltrackingmetrics.com
  • Payouts are for all activities through the month prior. So, for example, activity through September is paid out at the end of October.

Commission Structure:

Partners with <25 active referrals receive payouts based on the Tier 1 structure. 

Partners with >25 active referrals receive payouts based on the Tier 2 structure. 

Tier 1

Marketing Lite  $79

Marketing Pro $179

Sales Engage $329

Tier 2

Marketing Lite $105

Marketing Pro $239

Sales Engage $494

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