Custom Domain White Labeling

Our Marketing Pro, Sales Engage, Enterprise, Growth, and Connect plans allow agencies to white label the CallTrackingMetrics software on their own domain. There is a $65 monthly fee and a $99 one-time set-up fee to get your white labeled domain set up, and it typically takes 2 business days to complete.

Agency Administrators can set up custom domain white labeling. Click here to follow the steps to set up your custom domain white label and be prepared to complete information on the following: 

  • Parent Settings 
  • Appearance
  • Domain Settings 
  • Subdomain and Email

Additional Information:

To confirm, customizing your domain allows you to have system emails go to your customers from your own email.

White labeling on your own domain also allows you to control the prices you charge your customers for use of the service. This leverages our integration with Stripe, a payment processing system that any agency can begin using to process credit card payments from their clients.

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