How to Contact CallTrackingMetrics Support

Ways to Contact Our Customer Support Team

There are several ways to reach our Customer Support Team. If you want to view, create, or manage a support ticket, please skip to the next section. 

To speak with someone on the customer support team, you have the option to reach us by phone or via chat inside of CallTrackingMetrics.  

Note: Performance plans will be able to request technical support by submitting a ticket at

To contact support by phone: 800-577-1872, option 2

  • You will be required to enter a valid Support PIN to continue. 
  • The Support PIN can be found in the Account Details section in the top right corner of CTM. 



To contact support via chat: 

  1. Log in to CallTrackingMetrics
  2. Navigate to the left-hand navigation menu
  3. Select “Help” and then click “Chat with Support”

How to Join the CallTrackingMetrics Help Center

Note: you must have a CTM account in order to sign up for the community  

To set up a User go to your call CallTrackingMetrics account 

  1. Go into Manage Users
  2. Add User

As a User in order to submit a trouble ticket:

  • Sign into your CTM Account
  • Next go to Help →  Create a ticket
  • If you are new to the CallTrackingMetrics help community and ticking portal, click → Sign up


  • Once you click on sign up you will need to add your Full Name and email address


  • Once the information has been sent you should see Sign-up complete
  • Next you will get an email labeled Welcome to CallTrackingMetrics where you will need to click on the link for account verification
  • Once clicked, you will be brought to the login page
  • Next enter a username and set up a password


If an existing user

  • Enter your user credentials for login →  enter your Username and Password or use sign-in with Google 


  • Once in the portal you can submit a request in the ticket portal by clicking → Ticket Portal 


  • Once clicked, you can add all the following details
    • CC: on the Ticket (Optional) 
    • Subject
    • Description
    • Attachments (Optional) 
  • Click → Submit, this will create a trouble ticket into CallTrackingMetrics 


  • Note: You will be able to view the status of tickets when in the help center 


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