Gong Integration

Gong i.o integration setup 

Gain critical insights into what’s happening with your remote sales team, your deals, and your market with Revenue Intelligence with CallTrackingMetrics and Gong integration. This integration is available on Sales Engage, Enterprise, Growth, and Connect plans.

Go to Settings → Integrations → Gong


You will be asked for an API Key and Secret which you will get from www.gong.io

Log in using your Gong credentials


Go to the top right to get your Company organization settings


Scroll down to DATA Export → API


Click → Create - This will create an Access Key and Secret Code

Public API Access

  • Access Key
  • Access Key Secret 

Click → Copy to Clipboard 


Next, go back to the CTM Integrations page and enter the information into Connection Details

Paste in the API Key

Paste the API Secret

Select → Update Gong API Settings


Once complete, you will get a list of all the Gong agents below the Connection Details

Next, you will want to map your Gong agents to the CallTrackingMetrics agents

  • Note if you do not map, an agent from Gong CTM will not know who the call belongs to and can not send the information to Gong


Next, Select → Save Mapping


Trigger Setup:

To send the information to Gong you need to create a trigger by going to Flows → New Trigger 


  • Name the Trigger 
  • Select the trigger type At the end of a call/form/chat, once all data has been captured end. By selecting end, you will have the call recording 
  • Select → ON to trigger for all activities 
  • Add a Delay workflow so that the audio will be sent once the trigger runs. 
  • Click → Save Changes


  • Next, scroll down to Workflow and → Add Workflow


  • In workflows, add a rule for → Talk Time → Is Greater Than → 60 

CTM Tip: In order to log data correctly, Gong prefers calls to be greater than 60 seconds long


  • Select → Add Actions


  • Once selected, perform the following action
  • Add Action → Send Call to Going i.o for analysis 


  • Select → Save Changes


Once complete, the setup is finished, calls will now be sent into Gong.  From there you are able to log into Gong and see the calls, read transcripts and see reporting insights.  

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