Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce)

Utilizing the CallTrackingMetrics/Magento integration provides you with the ability to associate previous call/text/form activities with your orders. This is done by using Forms to pull order data from Magento into CTM. CTM will then process the form data through the lookback conversion trigger for activities within the defined lookback window. If an activity is found, CTM will apply the order value from the Form to the past activity. If CTM is also connected to Microsoft Adv. Google Ads, or Google Analytics this new sale and amount applied to the old activity would also be automatically communicated to your ad platform, giving you additional visibility on the revenue that resulted from these offline activities. This integration is available on Sales Engage, Enterprise, Growth, and Connect plans.

There are two steps needed to capture this information:

  1. Complete the Magento Integration
  2. Create a Lookback Trigger in CallTrackingMetrics


Before starting please be sure you are using a Magento Admin account. 

  1. Connecting CallTrackingMetrics integration in Magento 2
  • On the Admin panel, click Systems > Extensions > Integrations
  • In the upper right corner, click Add New Integration and complete the information
  • In the integration info section fill out the following
    • Name (CallTrackingMetrics)
    • Email (Contact email)


  • Next, in the panel on the left, choose API
  • In the Resource Access field choose Custom
  • Select all of the following options:


  • Select Save
  • Once the new integration is saved in Magento, 4 keys will be generated. 
    • Consumer Key
    • Consumer Secret 
    • Access Token 
    • Access Token Secret



  • Then, using these credentials from Magento, along with your site/store root URL and admin logins, you will need to log in to CTM, navigate to Integrations→ Magento (or and connect your Magento account to CTM using all of these credentials. 


  • Now that the Magento account has been linked, a new form will automatically be created in your account under Flows–>FormReactors. Any orders logged in the linked Magento account should start to appear in the CTM activity log as form posts. 


  1. Creating a Look-back Trigger in CallTrackingMetrics
  • In your CTM account, go to Flows → Triggers → New Trigger
  • Name = Magento Orders
  • Trigger = {When a FormReactor is created}
  • Trigger for all activities 
    • when on, the trigger will look for conditions associated with all tracking numbers
    • when off, you will have the ability to specify which tracking number(s) for the trigger to fire on
  • Press Save Changes, this will create the trigger

Next, we’ll create the workflows

  • Click Add Workflow
  • If all of the following rules match:
    • If {Type} {is} {Form}
  • Then perform the following actions:
  • Click Add Action
    • Select Update Field (from drop-down) 
    • In the first field, select {Converted}
    • Set Value to {Exact}
    • Turn the toggle to ON
  • Click Add Action
    • Select Update Field (from down down)
    • In the first field, select {Conversion Amount}
    • Set Value to {Form}
    • Select your form from the list {name of your FormReactor}
    • A box will appear, select {Grand Total}
  • Click Add Action
    • Select Lookback Conversion
    • Type of Activity to locate {Inbound Call}
    • Attribution Model = First Touch
    • Lookback window – this is how far back the system will look back for a match
    • Reporting Tag – optional (click here to learn more about using reporting tags)
    • Score – click on the small Score button and select {Conversion Amount}, you will then see {{sale.value}} appear in the field. This applies the Grand Total amount from the form to the phone call. 
    • Rating – optional (you can apply a star rating to the activity when a match is found)
    • Trigger when Found – optional
    • Trigger when NOT Found – optional


  • Click Save Changes
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