Programming Additional Data to an Activity for Google Analytics and CTM

How to program additional data points to an activity that will report in CTM and in Google Analytics.

You can program data points to report in CTM and in Google Analytics for offline tracking sources and tracking numbers. These data points include:

  • Source
  • Medium
  • Keyword 
  • Content
  • Campaign Id
  • Campaign
  • Device
    • Other
    • Desktops
    • Mobile devices with full browsers 
    • Tablet
  • Web Property


If there is session data attached to the activity, the session data will take priority. If there’s no session, CTM will look at the tracking source first for data, and if no data is there, it will look at the tracking number. If no additional data is present in the tracking source and tracking number, the source and medium will report as direct/none.

How to track and attribute ad extension calls at the campaign level. 


  • Google Analytics integration connected
  • A separate tracking number for every campaign in Google Ads


Purchase a tracking number for each campaign in Google Ads and include the campaign name in the description of the tracking number. Navigate to the Google Analytics setting under the tracking number and enter the campaign information. 

In Google Ads:

Navigate to Ads & extensions > Extensions and select a new call extension for the list. Under the call extension, select add to “campaign,” then enter the tracking number assigned to that specific campaign. 


As calls report in CTM the programmed attribution will be displayed in the activity logs, reports, and sent into Google Analytics. 

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