Installing the Tracking Code for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

To use dynamic number insertion on your Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), you will need to generate a call tracking tag within your CTM account.  Your normal tracking code will not work on these pages.

Click here to learn more about AMP and how it can help you accelerate your website for mobile visitors. For more information about the AMP Call Tracking tag, click here.


Target Number Setup

You will need to have your target number created in your CTM account before you begin the rest of the AMP setup.  Follow the directions here to create your target number, and make sure it is assigned to the tracking number you want to display on your AMP pages.

Vanity numbers and complex phone number formats are not supported.  When creating your target number, keep the exact match option toggled off.

Tracking Source Setup

AMP is hosted on the same referring origin that hosts your page. Most commonly, this is, but other AMP origins (such as Cloudflare) are also supported.  If you choose to create a custom tracking source for your AMP site, your setup may vary based on how your AMP site is hosted.  For Google, you might use something like this: google.*\/amp\/.

Click here to learn more about creating custom tracking sources in your account.


If you are using AMP through Google and do not wish to create a custom tracking source just for your AMP visitors, you can use the pre-made Google Organic source in your account.

Installing the Script on AMP

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrations → AMP.
  2. In step 1 of the Amp Call Tracking instructions, copy the amp-analytics and amp-call-tracking script tags and paste them into the head section of your HTML file.
  3. Use the Choose a Target Number drop-down to select the target number that appears on your AMP site. This is the number that will be replaced by your tracking number.
  4. Once the target number is selected, the AMP Call Tracking Tag will appear.  Copy and paste this tag into your AMP site where you want the phone number to be displayed.


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