API Logs

The API Logs are a comprehensive list of API requests related to your CallTrackingMetrics account.  Any integrations or webhooks you’re using will have a log of requests that can be viewed here.  This page is useful for monitoring activity and troubleshooting errors.

The API Logs can be accessed via quick links from many integration settings pages or by navigating directly to https://app.calltrackingmetrics.com/api_logs.

Using the API Logs

The logs page will show a list of all requests with the following overview information:

  • Source: the source of the request, such as Google Analytics
  • Request URL: the URL of the request
  • Response Code: the status and code for the request
  • Date: the date and timestamp (shown in UTC) for when the request was made
  • Call: a link to the activity in your activity log associated with the request
  • JSON: a link to the JSON file for the associated activity

Each row can be expanded using the symbol to view the full details of the request.

Using the available filters, you can refine the log view by a particular status code, source, or call from your activity log.

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