Google Ads Direct Connect Troubleshooting Tools

Click-To-Call & Ad Extension Attribution

To receive campaign attribution and send conversions, you must have Call Reporting enabled inside of Google Ads. For best results, enable it account wide in Google Ads by navigating to Settings → Call reporting → Turned on. This will allow Google Ads to place a forwarding number on top of CTM’s tracking number, allowing both CTM and Google Ads to track the call so we can pass attribution data back and forth.


Diagnostic Reports

The diagnostic report provides high-level insights that help identify which landing pages aren’t optimized best for call tracking and which have the highest call through rate. 

  1. The Ads accounts insights include:
    1. Call Through Rate %
    2. Cost Per Call $
    3. # of Tracking Numbers
    4. # of Target Numbers
    5. # of landing pages checked
    6. # of Pages with errors
  2. The landing page insights include:
    1. Landing page URL
    2. Tracking Source Name
    3. CTM optimization errors 
    4. Clicks 
    5. Calls
    6. Cost per landing page
    7. Cost per call per landing page
    8. Estimated tracking numbers needed per landing page
    9. Observation time


The log will display key metrics regarding the time and success of the data sent from CallTrackingMetrics into Google Ads. This data can be used to identify which activities led to conversions and when those conversions took place. 

  1. The metrics include:
    1. Conversion name
    2. Value
    3. Conversion time
    4. Call ID
    5. Gclid
    6. Process time and status of the conversion  
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