Integrating CTM FormReactor with HubSpot


This article covers details of a feature that requires HubSpot integration.  For more information, please see the full article about HubSpot.

Integrating HubSpot with FormReactor

If you use HubSpot’s form feature, configuring the FormReactor portion of the integration will allow you to link a HubSpot form to a FormReactor call flow in CTM.  Note that the integration requires your HubSpot form to get a valid phone number from the contact.

  1. Navigate to  Settings → Integrations → HubSpot, then click or scroll down to the FormReactor section.
  2. Copy the webhook URL from this section.Image_1_Help-HubSpot-FormReactor-Settings.png
  3. Create a workflow in HubSpot beginning with “Enrollment Criteria: Contact has filled out <form name>,” where <form name> is the name of the form you have created in HubSpot. Add “Trigger a webhook” as the next step of the workflow and paste the webhook URL you copied from your CTM account, then save the workflow.
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